Dusting off some of my sketches. Eff the mundane crap that needs to get done around the house. I am on strike, there are four other people to take care of it. I need my art to keep my sanity and this house has kept it from me. No more I say. So here is my beloved Sui-, just finishes lining him (Szy help a few months ago) and will work on his coloring tomorrow. It’s too late now.

Sorry I haven’t been around )for those very few that actually watch and care) But dealing with a job that seems to go non-stop and trying to deal with unruly roommates that trash your stuff. Yeah, it has been quite hectic.

Well Szy and I have started on SpreadShirt.com (Http://rainbowluvshirts.spreadshirt.com/). Here is the one design we have at the moment, not much. Sadly it will cost $18 and is only in women shirts (But with multiple colors). But if you like my (our) designs, go ahead and ask for more! 

Trying to get back to doing art after months of not even turning on the comp u.u; as well as, stiching and making sock bunnies to sell. Need a few more bucks to be able to pay the bills.



I don’t hate Beliebers
I don’t hate Directioners
I don’t hate Whovians
I don’t hate Sherlockians
I don’t hate Potterheads
I don’t hate Twihards

I hate people who are rude
I hate people who send death threats
I hate people who defend what they love even when it’s done wrong
I hate people who aren’t nice

I don’t hate fandoms
I hate rude people, even if they are from my own fandom

Hannibal, is this your tumblr? 

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