Since everyone is doing a ” We will miss you Robin Williams”, I guess I’ll just on the bandwagon.

Yes he will be missed, but am I ungrateful, no. He was in suffering and now he is the place of his dreams. No more hurt and suffering of children. All the laughs and love he could imagine. He was strong throughout everything. Yes we lost a loved one, but I don’t think a lot of people realized jsut how much he did. Yes he was Genie from Aladdin, yes he was Peter Pan in hook; but ,does anyone remember the yearly fundraisers he would do for St. Judes and their cancer patients that are children? Does anyone remember the morals and goals his roles with other comedians to raise funds for the homeless?

There is not only Aladdin or Jumanji, but Mork and Mindy, Fern Gully, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, and who could forget the wonderful story of a boy - Jack? (among the many roles he gave us)

I feel that the younger generations are just stuck up on Disney and don’t expand their eyes to the outer world of the loving comedian that everyone was touched by. Not saying all, mind you, but I feel a majority have the blinders on and only follow the carrot that others dangle in front of them. 

Let us open our eyes, ears, and feelings to the amazing works and world he has left behind for us to enjoy. Rest in peace, Robin, we will party for you.

Dusting off some of my sketches. Eff the mundane crap that needs to get done around the house. I am on strike, there are four other people to take care of it. I need my art to keep my sanity and this house has kept it from me. No more I say. So here is my beloved Sui-, just finishes lining him (Szy help a few months ago) and will work on his coloring tomorrow. It’s too late now.

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